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Believers' Bed and Breakfast

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End Time Tours - Offered Until YESHUA comes!  

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  This bed and breakfast is for those who are adventurous and wish to really experience the culture and people of Israel. We endeavor to make your visit to the Holy Land an unforgetable experience and we will help you with all your traveling plans.

  We have several suggestions for your tour days as we are in an excellent location to see the sites from the Mediterranean Sea to the Sea of Galilee. We are a five minute walk from the sea, so after a hard day of touring you will be able to bask in the warm waters of the Mediterranean Sea to help you relax and rest.

A Few Ideas:All sojourner packages can be available starting and ending any day of the week. All Sojourner packages will now include transportation for touring, a tour guide, entrance fees to the sites and breakfast and dinner.  This is available for Givat Olga site only at this time. 

Sojourner # 1.
Arrive at the Believer's Bed and Breakfast early on Friday afternoon to settle into your room. After a short rest, we will wisk you off to the Ancient Port City of Caesarea where Paul was imprisoned in Herod's Palace for two years and where Peter preached. This is at least a two to three hour site.

Afterwards you will return to Believer's Bed and Breakfast for a special Traditional Messianic Shabbat Dinner with us. Saturday (Shabbat) we will get up early and have breakfast then off to Jerusalem to the Congregation to worship with Messianic Believers. After the Congregation we will have lunch with fellow believers and continue our touring of the Old City of Jerusalem where we will see Lazarus' Tomb, Garden of Gethsemane, Mt. of Olives where Yeshua assended to heaven, The Kidron Valley, Caiphais' House where the cock crowed, The Upper Room, and the Garden Tomb.

Sunday, you will be off to the Valley of Megiddo (Armageddon), the mountain where Elijah called down fire, and then off to Mt. Tabor where the transfiguration took place and finishing up in Nazareth to see where Mary got the announcement, Joseph's Carpenter Shop, where Yeshua (Jesus) preached Luke 4 in the Synogogue, the well of Mary and last but not least to the City of Kana where the first miracle took place. Monday , we will be off to the Jordan River Baptizmal site, the Mt. of Beatitudes, the site of Loaves and Fishes, the site where Yeshua called Peter, James and John, and Capernaum where Peter lived. There is an ancient fishing boat, and then on to Bet Shean, the ancient city where I Samuel 31:10 took place. See rate page for cost of Sojourner #1.

Sojourner # 2.
Arrive at Believer's Bed and Breakfast on early Friday afternoon to settle into your room. Off to the ancient city of Caesarea for a two or three hour visit. Back to the house for the Special Shabbat Dinner. When Saturday (Shabbat) falls on the second Shabbat of the month, then we will Worship together with the new Group in Givat Olga.

Afterwards we will travel to where Elijah called down fire and then on to the Druse village near by to have lunch. We will be off to the Valley of Megiddo,(Armageddon). Now back to Believer's Bed and Breakfast, to bask in the warm waters of the Mediterranean Sea and a Bar-be-que. On Sunday, we will first stop at Mt. Tabor where the Transfiguration took place, and then on to Nazareth to see where Mary received the Announcement, to Joseph's Carpenter shop, the old Synagogue where Yeshua (Jesus) preached Luke 4 and then to the Well of Mary.

Last but not least to the city of Kana where the first Miracle took place. We will proceed on to Tiberias to have lunch on the streets eating an authentic Schwarma sandwich. We will continue on our way to Mt. of Beatitudes, the site of loaves and fishes where Yeshua called Peter,James,and John, and then on to Capernaum where Peter lived. We will see the ancient fishing boat from the time of Yeshua, and finish up at the Jordan River Baptismal site. Monday, Sorry to say, you will be on your way to stay in Jerusalem but before you go, we will give you all the information you may need to see all the sites. See rate page for cost of Sojourner #2.

We are only 1 1/2 hour travel from Jerusalem, so if you wish to stay with us and travel back and forth to Jerusalem, you of course are welcome to do that also. Many families that have stayed with us have done this.

Sojourner # 3.
Experiennce beyond belief touring Israel with Jewish believers, and learning the Jewishness of your faith. Exerience the Friday night Shabbat dinner. You'll meet Jewish and Arab believers.

The sites you will see are including a through tour of the old city of Jerusalem,such as the Western Wall, the Western Wall Tunnel Tour, the Temple Mount, the Temple Institute, Wohl Museum, Hezekiah Wall (Broad Wall), the Cardo, the Jewish Quarter, Christian Quarter, Via dolorosa, Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Golden Gate, Mount of Olives, Garden of Gethesmane, Kidron Valley, Pool of Siloam, Hezekiah Tunnel, Upper room, (Last Supper), King David 's Tomb, The Garden Tomb, City of David, Tomb of Lazarus, Where the Cock Crowed, Place of Ascension, Bethlehem (The city of Bread), The Dead Sea, Qumran-Caves, Ein Gedi, and Masada.

Now if there is still time on the 7th day we can go to Jericho, or The Shrine of the Book which is in the Israel Museum and Yad Vashem which is the Holocaust Museum.

Sojourner #3 also includes touring of all the sites included in the Sojourner #1 package.

For further and more detailed information, please continue onto the information page.

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Quick Summary of Believer's Bed and Breakfast
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Joseph and Karen are Messianic Jews. Joseph sells Amercian shower doors. Karen works at the American International School as a teacher assistant. Their biggest interest is evangelism and teaching the Jewish Festivals and showing how Yeshua is in all of them. They are close to many sites; A two or three day visit with us is enough time to tour the West and North of Israel. Some of the sites are Caesarea, where Herod had his palace and Roman Ampitheatre and where Paul was imprisioned, Elijah's cave, the Old City of Akko, the Sea of Galilee, the city of Capernaum (Peter's house), the Mount of Beautitudes and where the feeding of the multitudes took place, the calling of Peter, James and John, the Jordon River where Yeshua was Baptized, Mt. Tabor where the Transfiguration took place, Kafar Cana where Yeshua turned the water to wine, the City of Nazareth, and Miggado where the Battle of Armegeddon will take place. Other activites that you can participate in are: Messianic Shabbat dinners with other Jewish believers, Congregational Pot lucks and trips to the beach. Joseph and Karen worship at the Jerusalem Assembly in Jerusalem.

They will soon be moving to a new location closer to Jerusalem - any inquiries and information available through e-mail.

Your Hosts: Joseph & Karen Mireles

P.O. Box 4284
Hadera, Israel

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