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End Time Tours
Offered until Yeshua Comes!

We are offering a special package deal for 2, three or four doubles to encourage Christians to join together in their vacation plans so that they can really save money and have a wonderful, adventuresome vacation in the Holy Land.
The airline cost will have to be purchased by the individuals, but I can assure you that there are many good deals out there due to the situation in the world. It really is a good time to fly price wise.

This will be a 9 night package deal which will include pickup at the airport, one night to rest then 7 full days of touring and another day to rest and prepare to go home. It will include both breakfast and dinner and rooms of course. Since we will be out touring it does not include lunch. All entries to the sites will be included. What is seen will depend very much on the people who come and how travel worthy they are. We customize each tour to the people who come and what they are most interested in seeing. You will have the opportunity to worship with Jewish believers and even meet a very special Arab believer. If it can be arranged at the time you come we will also worship with Arab believers and see an Arab refugee camp.

Prices per package:

If four doubles (8 people) book together we are offerring a fantastic price of $490.00 per person or $980.00 per double for the 9 night package. This deal would require 4 people to share our family room suite which has its own bathroom. The other two couples will have their own sparate bedrooms but will share one bathroom. Our family room suite is very large and can accomodate more than 4 people easily.

If three doubles book together (6 people) the price increases a little to $600.00 per person or $1200.00 per double.
If two doubles (4 people) book together then the price again goes up a little to $675.00 per person or $1350.00 per double.

If you price this against any other tour package for Israel, you will see that you are getting quite a lot for a little price. This is actually half the price of most tours that are not giving you the personlized service that we will be giving you. Contact us at