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About Us

We are Messianic Jewish Believers who made Aliyah to Israel 6 years ago. Our home is a four level home in Givat Olga with a five minute walk to the Mediterranean Sea.  We love to teach you about the Jewish Holidays and how Yeshua is in all of them.  

Helpful Hints

  •  Go to the Steimatzky Book Store at Ben Gurion Airport and purchase a phone card.
  •   If possible, rent a car from your own country as usually it is cheaper.
  •   Bring comfortable walking shoes.
  •   Also bring shoes that you can walk in water with for Hezekiah's Tunnel.
  •   Bring flashlights, also for Hezekiah's Tunnel.
  •   Bring containers for water bottles.
  •   Bring as much film as you need, as it is too expensive to purchase here.
  •   Bring cash, credit cards, or ATM cards.  Travellers checks are too expensive to cash here.
  •   If you are coming in the summer, make sure you have plenty of sunscreen.

Services Provided

  •  If requested, we will book the Kotel Tunnel Tour in Jerusalem.
  •  We provide beach chairs, towels, and an ice chest for the beach.
  •  At a small extra cost we provide laundry facilities.
  •  E-mail and the computer is available for use for a small extra charge.
  •  If needed a cell phone will be provided at an additional cost.
  •  If possible, we will try to pair you up with another couple to share the cost of a rental car.

Accommodations Available

  • One Double room with King size bed.
  • One Triple room with a full sized bed and a single bed.
  • One family room which can sleep comfortably a family of six.  This room has its own private bathroom. Cooking facilities available also.
  • The T.V. is shared in the living room which also has an outside patio with a view of the sea and comfortable sitting. 


If you have any questions about what to pack or what kind of clothes are appropriate, please feel free to contact us in advance and we will personally answer any questions that you might have.
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